The World’s Largest …

Way back when, in a time, long, long ago, before airplanes and helicopters, trains and the interstate highway system, people spent a lot of time traveling in their cars.  A road trip was the fastest, most convenient and economical way to get from point A to point B.  But as we all know, driving can get pretty boring.  The answer? The roadside attraction of course! Created in the late 1930s, these are places one might stop on the way to somewhere else, rather than being a final destination in and of themselves.  They are kind of like a TV commercial while driving – a time to get up and walk around, get something to eat, learn about a town’s most prized product or attraction, and take a pee before getting back on the road. There are thousands of these stop-offs all over the world, but here are a few of my favorites …

“Big Gus,” The largest running working chainsaw in the world - Ishpeming, Michigan

World's Largest Office Chair - Anniston, Alabama

World's Largest (and only) Dragon - Saxton, Kentucky

World's Largest Gas Pump - King City, Missouri

World's Largest Mosquito - Komarno, Manitoba

World's Largest Penny - Woodruff, Wisconsin

World's Largest Pysanka (Ukrainian Easter Egg) - Vegreville, Alberta, Canada

World's Largest Shuttlecock - Kansas City, Missouri

World's Largest Snowman - North Saint Paul, Minnesota

World's Largest Abstract Tree (interesting category, no?) - Wendover, Utah

Been to any? Send in your pictures if you have! What other amazing ones have you heard of?





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