Squirt TV

If you have ever sat around bored with what’s on TV and thought “I could do better,” maybe you should give it a try. That’s what Jake Fogelnest did at the ripe old age of 14 when he created SQUiRT TV.  With little more technology or resources than a single camera mounted on a tripod in the corner of the Chinatown studio apartment he shared with his mother, Fogelnest managed to write, produce, and direct the show which aired late nights on Manhattan public-access television.  SQUiRT TV essentially provided Fogelnest and a few of his friends with a very public forum to air their very entertaining teenage thoughts about music, film, and television.  Oh, and they did interviews on the show too.  Fogelnest would go out to shows and sit down with artists, but he also had people over to house.  Guests like Beck and Mike D would come over to the apartment, sit on Fogelnest’s bed, share some good snacks, and just hang while the cameras rolled. The one-man show quickly became a cult success in Manhattan, attracting with its quirky style, sense of humor and edgy commentary a fan base that included Janeane GarofaloEric Bogosian, Thurston Moore, and Spike Jonze (to name just a few).

With an audience like that SQUiRT TV quickly outgrew its public access roots and moved to MTV. Though still recorded from Jake’s bedroom, the show featured more celebrity guests like Adam Sandler and The Kids in the Hall, in addition to live “in-studio” performances.  Not bad for a punk kid …

If you want to learn more about SQUiRT TV, like the whole history from beginning to end, you can watch this full 27 minute feature on the show that was shot to celebrate its 10th anniversary.



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