Retro Wednesday: The All-Powerful Ray Gun

Have you ever sat and thought about the ray gun?  I mean, really sat and contemplated this weapon that has never actually existed, and was imagined to fight against unknown, fictitious enemies.  It’s a pretty bizarre concept.

Whimsical and zany, these fanciful objects conjure thoughts of Buck Rogers and Captain Video, Star Trek and Star Wars, Ghostbusters and Mars Attacks, and  just about any battle of “us” versus “them”  that requires the use of powers beyond that of the common, boring bullet.  Because ray guns are the stuff of fancy, they also have limitless powers, which is pretty nifty in the face of just about any sort of evil; they can shoot lasers, light stuff on fire, cut through objects like a blow torch, “de-materialize”, disintegrate, vaporize or evaporate any obstacle or enemy, and ray guns also have more tame powers such as the ability to stun, paralyze or knock down a target, or just shrink them.

Despite, the fact that they don’t actually exist (or perhaps because of it), there is an almost endless variety of designs for toy ray guns.  They have evolved quite a bit since the 30s originals.  These are just some of my favorites…





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