Charles and Ray Eames: House of Cards

I don’t know if you have ever tried to build a house of cards, but it is not easy.  In order to be successful you need art, science, balance, and a whole lot of luck and patience on your side.  The good news is Charles and Ray Eames created a much easier solution in their House of Cards from 1952.  It’s a picture deck of cards made with 6 slots that allow for endless possibilities.  With this set you don’t have to worry about balance or delicacy, you can just imagine and create.

Each card is printed with a different photo of what the Eameses call “the good stuff,” close-ups of common objects from the animal, vegetable, and mineral worlds.  As you were hopefully told as a child with your building blocks, there is no wrong way to build.  So whether you choose to go modern or traditional, high-rise or low-rise, just start building!

The original deck was the small size (the size of playing cards). There is also a medium deck, a Giant House of Cards (1953), a Computer House of Cards (1970) and Newton House of Cards for the 1974 Nobel Laureates.  Click here to buy them on Amazon.


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