Retro Wednesday: Dynamite Magazine

In the 70s and 80s, Dynamite Magazine was the kids guide to cool.  It was created in order to provide children with an introduction to pop culture. Remember, these were the days before cable TV, VCRs/DVDs, the internet, and video games.  Dynamite provided kids with a great way to pass time while they avoided homework and their parents.

The magazine was founded by Jenette Kahn and published by Scholastic Press from 1974 until 1992.  Dynamite always featured a cover story on the newest hottest stars, and articles on the best of TV, movies, cartoons, and music.  It also included all sorts of special features like magic tricks with Magic Wanda; kids’ one-line woes, known as “Bummers,” which always began with the words, “Don’t you hate it when…”; “And Now a Word from Our Sponsor” commercial parodies; the puzzle pages of the ghoulish Count Morbida; Hot Stuff, a section featuring gags and new stuff in stores; the birth and growth of a horse called Foxy Fiddler; reprinted origin stories on Marvel and DC superheroes, and later the comic superheroes the “Dynamite Duo”; and Good Vibrations, an advice column. Best of all, the magazine always came with some sort of cool extras, from puzzles and games to calendars and records, even 3-D posters with glasses if you were really lucky!

Magic Tricks with Magic Wanda


"And Now a Word from our Sponsor"

Count Morbida, the puzzle monster


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