The Perfect and Imperfect Item for the Distractible

To be perfectly honest, I am a total stationary nerd.  Growing up I could spend at least an hour in any office or art supply store shopping the pencil/pen/eraser aisle.  I always carry a pencil case with me wherever I go and it is undoubtedly filled with a rainbow of colored writing instruments.  And embarrassing as it is at my age, those cute little erasers from Japan just put a smile on my face.

 But I think that these Animal Balance Erasers might just be the ultimate in eraser joy because not only are they cute, they can also provide you with hours of entertainment.  The animal-shaped erasers can be fitted together and piled high on a platform to form a perfectly balanced animal tower.  Easier said than done. Sure, the idea of a game that is meant to be played with your office sounds kind of distracting, but we all need a break sometimes, right?!

Click here to buy them now from


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