Old School Blacklight: Third Eye Posters

Black light has been used for a lot of different things since its creation in the 30s.  From spotting counterfeit money and art fraud, to scorpion detection and bio-terrorism training, black lights do a lot to make our world a better, safer, cleaner place.  But, let’s face it, they also make things look really, really cool, and in the psychedelic 70s a whole lot of people took advantage of their glow.

A New York City-based company in particular, Third Eye, was the king (or queen) of the black light poster industry. Brilliant fluorescent inks were silkscreened onto thick poster paper resulting in a final product that was a bit more like an art print than a mass-produced poster.  Themes varied from the mystical to political with a whole lot of colorful geometric designs and op-art in between.  


Three Thirty Three

Dreaming Lotus


Across the Universe

Third Eye also printed a series of amazing black light posters using the line art from classic Marvel Comics by some of the all time great comic artists.They are pretty incredible, and are the perfect (and most rad) addition to the room of any child or nerd!


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