The Luck You Collective

The Luck You Collective is a group of young artists located in NYC.  They formed in order to put on pop-up art shows and free art classes, in total DIY spirit.  The four core members of Luck You are India Menuez and Carmen Hall, both 17 year old artists and curators, Jack Shannon, 18, an avid artist, and Louis Shannon, 19, a musician and silk-screener. Their vision is to promote the arts through free shows and workshops in order to support the growth of young artists.
Sure, their studio is in a basement space in Chinatown, and some of their gallery shows have been in friend’s houses, but that has not stopped Luck You from making some amazing things happen.  More than anything, it has only inspired the crew to raise money, keep working, and make their project into something truly incredible.  Support them if you can, follow them on facebook and tumblr, and come to India Menuez’s upcoming art show on Friday May 20th!


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