This weekend in NYC

This Saturday, May 14, Wave Hill and the Drawing Center will co-host a day of artist-led drawing activities for all ages. The goal of the day is to connect with nature and landscape through drawing. Artists Lisa Sigal and Franklin Evans have come up with a bunch of specially created projects just for the event. Sigal’s activity will apply a grid to the landscape, and visitors will create drawings at different axis points in order to make a special map of the grounds. Evans’ project will highlight different species of trees – Hemlock, White Pine, and Kentucky Yellowwood – in order to create drawings in space. Using colored artist tape, Evans will group together three clusters of trees, each a unique species, located along the Woodland’s main footpath. A workstation at each cluster will provide source materials about each species, pointing to various literary, art historical, industrial, and biological texts and images that refer to these species. After making drawings on their own pieces of tape, visitors will add them to a continuously growing web of drawings on tape stretching throughout the trees.

This is the second year that The Big Draw has been offered in The Bronx, and there is no experience necessary.  This is a special day for children and adults of all ages, and admission is free!


Wave Hill
West 249th Street and Independence Avenue
Bronx, NY  10471
Tel: (718) 549-3200
Fax: (718) 884-8952
Visit Web Site
Sat, May 14, 2011, 11 am – 4 pm

Rain date: Sunday, May 15.


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