Macro Sea wants to make your life better

Macro Sea is a development company dedicated to adding a bit of spice to your life.  Their goal is to re-invent the every day object and transform/energize the landscape it is placed in.  They were the people behind the delightful dumpster and mobile pools that sprinkled the city with summer joy in 2009 and 2010, and they also made recycling far more exciting with their Glassphemy project (instead of having a machine crush glass, why not just throw it at your friends as they stand behind a protective wall?!).

The Dumpster Pools a.k.a the Lo-Fi Country Club

Dumpster Pools for Summer Streets 2010

Glassphemy - the most exciting recycling center ever created!

But Macro Sea does more than just create, they also spend a lot of time imagining all of the ways that our urban world could become a better place.

An archery range under the highway, why not?

Why couldn't the 21st century cruise experience be a mobile hotel built on a barge?

Forget pop up stores and restaurants, I would much rather hang out at a pop up lagoon.

Why not turn waste and trash into skateable art?

Kind of makes you dream of the potential for greatness in the space around you, huh?


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