The Evolution of the Sock Puppet

Advancements are being made daily in so many different fields around the world – the flip has given us a pocket-sized camcorder, tablets allow us to have the convenience of a computer with the weight and size of a notebook, SmartBoards provide a digitalized chalkboard experience in the classroom, and that is only to name a minuscule few.  But, I think there is one field that has received very little attention since its creation way back when.  Yes, I am talking about the sock puppet.  That is until now!

Spanish designer Héctor Serrano’s has created temporary tattoos that actually transform hands into colorful creatures. They are non-toxic and work with hands of nearly any size–each tattoo is approximately 3″ x 2.5″.  They are easily removed with skin oil or adhesive tape.  Interested?  You even have the choice of Animal Hands, Robot Hands, Monster Hands, or Dino Hands (each box contains 8 tattoos and instructions).  I’d say that these tattoos are the perfect gift for just about any child.

Robot Hands

Animal Hands

Dino Hands

Monster Hands

Available for $10 in NYC at Estella, 493 Sixth Avenue (Between 12th & 13th Streets), New York, NY 10011 – 1.877.755.3553

Or click here to buy them online!


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