Usborne books

As a both a child and a teenager I was absolutely obsessed with doodling, patterns, and coloring, and now that I am an adult not too much has changed.  I am not the type to doodle with abandon either.  Instead, when I start, I really go for it and become totally and completely focused on making the most intricate drawing you could possibly imagine.  I really absolutely love to do it, and I would become a professional doodler in a second if that was an option!  Alas …the other day at the Strand I came across The Patterns Coloring Book from Usborne Books.  If I were a child still this coloring book would be my obsession, because as an adult I was still totally intrigued.  It is filled with all sorts of crazy, beautiful patterns in black and white that you can complete and color any way you like.  It even has tips for color combinations!

And when I took a look at Usborne’s website, it turns out they have all sorts of fun, unique books for creative children.  So, if you or someone you know is in the market, or they are a similarly obsessed doodler/artist/painter/colorer, check out some of these other incredible books for kids.

See more at the Usborne website!


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