Os Gemeos

Os gemeos (Ose Zhe’-mee-ose) means twins in Portughese, but in the art scene the word is also synonymous with identical twin brothers, Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo.  They are street artists, and their world is a colorful and wildly-patterned one, inhabited by people and animals, boats and pyramids, cars and music, and pretty much any other thing that they happen to find or be inspired by.

Os Gemeos have worked all over the world and on all sorts of canvases since they started painting in 1987 – from buildings in Berlin to subway cars in Brazil, and murals and paintings everywhere in between – and not a single piece is planned ahead of time.  The twins imagine and create each creation spontaneously, which I think is pretty amazing.  It certainly seems like proof enough of that supposed secret language that is spoken between identical twins!

If you are in NYC and want to check out their work the above mural is at 320 West 21st Street in NYC.  They also painted the mural below on Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island.


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