Sushi How You Want It

Sushi is now a major part of most New Yorkers diets, which I think is kind of amazing.  As a child I was grossed out by the idea of it, but when I finally got around to trying the Japanese delight at the ripe old age of 17, I quickly became a convert.  While I stuck to safe rolls like California and tempura shrimp for a long time, I have since expanded my horizons (in large part as a result of a trip to Tokyo where I ate all sorts of delicious mystery fish!).

However, kids in NYC seem to be far more brave than I ever was.  I have seen toddlers eating avocado rolls, and children bringing sushi to school for lunch.  Sushi is everywhere in the city, and it got way more adventurous when My Maki sushi opened up in Midtown Manhattan.  Like so many places opening up in the city, the menu is built around choice: you pick the wrap on the outside, the filling on the inside, any additional stuff you want in the middle, plus an outside garnish and dipping sauce.  But instead of the traditional, My Maki sushi went way out there with filling options that include Doritos, Craisins, and potato sticks.  Sounds crazy to me, but perhaps it is worth a try …

My Maki Sushi

142 E 43rd St between Lexington and Third Aves



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