The Yummy World of Clare Crespo

Do you love things that are frighteningly cute, totally weird, and absolutely delicious all at the same time?  I certainly do.  That is why I am almost jealous of how amazing Clare Crespo is.  She is a food artist.  A person who makes incredible, surprising creations of  all things food related.  Hamburger cupcakes, candy sushi, crocheted salad and oysters, bloody severed finger cookies, she’s created them all!

Hamburger Cupcake

Candy Sushi

Crocheted Dinner

Severed Finger Cookies

She is so crazy about bizarre deliciousness, she’s made it her life’s work to spread the sugary love!  The multi-talented food fanatic is a columnist, cookbook author (The Secret Life of Food, Hey There, Cupcake!), cooking teacher, cooking club leader, and host of Yummyfun Kooking, a TV series for kids. She hopes her ‘demented and delightful’ creations will inspire people to get creative in the kitchen.  I’m inspired, are you?!  If so, check out her website, try out some recipes, and join her Kooking Clubhouse.  With a two year membership you will receive all sorts of great goodies, and amazing recipes every month, so you too can learn how to become the next great food artist!

Click here for the recipe for some of Crespo’s incredible bleeding heart cupcakes … yum.


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