The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

Dr. Seuss wrote countless amazing children’s books, but only one screenplay, and he reportedly hated the movie it turned into!   The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T is an incredibly weird, wonderfully magical, bizarrely funny children’s musical made in 1953.

The movie tells the story of a boy, Bart Collins, whose single mother forces him to take piano lessons from Dr. Terwilliker, an absolutely dreaded teacher! Most of the film is set in Bart’s fantasies of a horrible Dr. Terwilliker-ruled prison camp for boy pianists, with his mother as Terwilliker’s second-in-command and future wife. Dr. T’s diabolical plan? Assembling 500 boys, with their 5,000 fingers, to play simultaneously at a gigantic two-story piano he built … AHHHH, the horror!

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T is not your typical children’s movie, but if you like things that are a bit off, and wonderfully bizarre (like I do) definitely check out this movie!


One thought on “The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T

  1. I haven’t heard of this movie for years! I watched it as a kid and it was SO creepy. Bizarre is definitely the word for it…
    But I had no idea Dr. Seuss wrote the screenplay. That makes the whole movie make a little more sense.
    Thanks for posting!

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