Origami Furniture

If you like drawing, building, designing, or just playing with paper you may want to look into origami.  Just in case you aren’t familiar with the craft, origami is a traditional japanese art form that involves folding paper into all sorts of amazing designs.  The goal of this art form is to transform a flat sheet of paper, cardboard, or cloth into an object or sculpture using nothing but folds.  That’s right, no cutting or gluing allowed!  I know it is Spring Break, and lots of kids are at home this week looking for fun stuff to do, so why not an origami crafts project?  All you need is paper!

If you are ready to start today and don’t feel like leaving the house check out the Origami Club online.  They have all sorts of fun things to make with easy to follow diagrams.  Otherwise, you can order one of the really cool origami kits below!

Furniture Origami Set

The Furniture Origami set allows you to build dozens of mini pieces with no more than a few sheets of paper! The awesome kit will show you how to use the classic Japanese paper art to create sofas, chairs, tables, shelves and more. 100 sheets of paper are included, along with a how-to guide. $12

Buy it now from Fred Flare

The Most Amazing, Fantastic Book of Origami & Other Fabulously Fun Fold-Ups

Have fun creating incredible and fantastic fold-ups, from Japanese paper cranes to American paper-engineered planes. Learn how to make secret notes, dollar bill rings, cootie catchers, leaping frogs and more! Comes with 90 origami sheets.

Buy it now from Shure Products

Fast Food Origami

This fun, and very Japanese origami kit comes with pre-printed paper so you can make everything you see on the cover. The paper is not only printed with the food textures, it is also printed with faint lines that help you to fold without mistakes. The instructions are in Japanese, but are very clearly illustrated with step by step drawings. A fun set for any origami fan!

Buy it from Amazon.com

Foldschool Origami Furniture

Foldschool Furniture

And once you’ve had a bit of practice, why not make your own origami, full-sized furniture?!  Check out Foldschool and see how you can complete this DIY project at home.  All you need is a printer, cardboard, origami practice, and a bit of imagination!!


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