Retro Day: The Schwinn Stingray

In 1963 the Schwinn Stingray was born, and it changed the lives of children all over America.  Before it, bicycles had not changed since the turn of the century – they looked quite charming and sweet.  But with the Stingray, kids had the opportunity to become outlaws as they rode down the street on their low-riders with a banana seat, high-rise handlebars (hangers), 20″ wheels, and the ability to pop wheelies.  The Stingray was like a rad motorcycle, but one made just for kids!

Classic Schwinn Stingray

Schwinn Stingray Grey Ghost

Schwinn Stingray Fastback

Schwinn Stingray Orange Krate

Schwinn Stingray Peapicker

And to make the Stingray even cooler, Mattel came out with the Vroom.  A plastic engine that fit right about your Stingray peddles that generated motorcycle sound effects as you pettled.  Very rad indeed!

The Vroom

Then came the Wham-o-Wheelie which everyone just had to have…

If you think Stingrays are as cool as I do, you should check out the book Liz Freed wrote about them – the Schwinn Sting-Ray. Click here to check it out on


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