More Great Coloring Books!

Photo Finish and Picture This are coloring books for kids that prefer to color outside of the lines; coloring books like you have never seen before.  Filled with all sorts of  different ways to draw, paste, color and create, these two books are sure to inspire creativity and imagination in anyone who picks them up.  They are sure to get the creative juices flowing!

The first book, Photo Finish, plays with pictures of animals, landscapes, objects and critters, letting you add the finishing touch to each page, turning broccoli into ballerinas, making fish speak, or dropping UFOs in suburban skies.

The second book, Picture This, puts anything-goes scenarios into your hands, allowing you to design your own line of sunglasses, illustrate the cover of an adventure book, or mix-and-match paper doll wedding-day clothes for the happy vegetables (Didn’t you hear? Carrot and Eggplant are getting married!) 

Click here to buy these amazing coloring books from


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