Buildings that look like stuff…

As I mentioned in my ice cream post frenzy of last week, I was recently in Los Angeles, the home to so many things weird.  But, one of my favorite parts of L.A. is the architecture.  They have everything from Swiss chalets and modern homes, to the Egyptian Theatre and donut-shaped donut stands.  All of those buildings got me curious about all of the other weird structures that are built to look like stuff.  Here are some of my favorites …

The five-story shoe house was built in 1948 by Mahlon N. Haines, owner of the Haines Shoe Company.  Can you tell the man liked shoes?!

Longaberger is an American manufacturer of maple wood pic-a-nic baskets.  This is their is headquarters in Newark, Ohio. Need I say anything more?

The Kansas City Public Library is shaped like a bunch of classic books, including The Lord of the Rings and Charlotte’s Web.  

Should you happen to visit North Central Idaho, you’d be crazy to sleep anywhere else than the bed & breakfast located inside of the World’s Biggest Beagle, Sweet Willy. There’s even an additional sleeping space in the dog’s head loft.

This is an actual house in Salzburg, Austria!

The elephant building is located in Thailand.  It is a high end residential and commercial building with a swimming pool, parks, and a post office!

The Big Duck was was originally built in 1931 by duck farmer Martin Maurer. He figured it was the perfect space to sell ducks and duck eggs. Makes sense to me!

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