I am in Los Angeles right now, and it is in the 80s and feels like summer.  I absolutely love warm weather for so many reasons, but one high up on that list is ice cream.  For me the two things go hand in hand.  These sunny California days have put me in the mood for summer, and I absolutely have ice cream on the brain!   While it might be a bit too early for the season in NYC, this weekend it is going to get up to 60, so why not check out the Popbar for some popsicles?!

There are 25 rotating popsicle flavors made daily with the aid of a machine that you can watch in action here, and after you pick your pop ($3.99 to $4.99) you have the option to jazz it up with a “popping” and a dip if you desire. “Poppings” include everything from ground biscotti and brownie chunks, to granola and coffee grains. As for dips? Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate, and double dipping is allowed!  Yum…

I know it’s only April, but I’m ready for summer.  Are you?!


5 Carmine Street, New York NY 10014 (map)



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