Enzo Mari’s Puzzles

Enzo Mari is an Italian designer of all sorts of beautiful things.  From books to art, furniture to toys, Mari has done it all.  In 1957 he completed his first project for design company Danese.  It was called 16 Animali, or 16 Animals, a wooden puzzle of simply carved animal shapes – including a hippo, snake, giraffe and camel – that join together to form a rectangle.  Used as building blocks, the animals can also be stacked  in all sorts of way to form various sculptures.  This puzzle was followed by 16 Pesci, or 16 Fish, which is a similar toy made up of all sorts of sea creatures.


16 Animali




16 Pesci


Made of precious wood and contained in a beautiful box, again made of wood, these toys are part play thing and part art.  They are beautiful and interesting enough to be appreciated by children and adults alike.   And with a price tag of nearly $500, they should be!

They are both available from Nova68.c0m


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