Retro Wednesday: Panasonic!

Before the ipod there was the Discman, and before the Discman people used the Walkman, its predecessor was the boombox, and then there were the Panasonic inventions of the 70s.  There five in below are truly amazing machines.  Each one was inspired by a desire to appeal to a younger, hipper audience (a.k.a. kids) in the 1970s.  Before these devices, radios were bland – boring grey boxes – but after them, nothing was ever the same…


The Panasonic Panapet - A radio with a chain so that you could swing it around like a pet as you walked down the street.



The Panasonic Dynamite - An 8 track player with explosive sound


And the amazing Dynamite commercial!



The Panasonic Toot-A-Loop - A radio that you could lie flat or wear around your wrist



The Panasonic Rolling Tone Radio - A great looking FM/AM radio with a little pop-out pedestal to stand onthat



The Panasonic Streetwalker - The first boombox



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