Get Ready for Spring Break NYC

Have you ever seen a teddy bear that is 23 feet high and weights 35,000 pounds (18.5 tons!)?  Well now is your chance.  It isn’t something from a Ghost Busters movie, or a dream, it is NYC’s newest piece of pubic art.  The sculpture was inspired by the artist’s own teddy bear.  This massive one is made of bronze, and it is actually electrified, so the giant table lamp he is slumped under turns on at night! Created by Swiss artist Urs Fischer in 2005, this teddy bear is out of a series of 3.  He is going to be auctioned off soon at Christie’s auction house, and people are expecting him to sell for more than $9,000,000!  Go see him while you still can, he’ll only be around for a month.

Where: He lives in front of The Seagram Building located at 375 Park Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd Streets in midtown Manhattan.





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