Nathan Carter

Do you remember the book Harold and the Purple Crayon?  It tells the story of Harold, a young boy who escapes from his house in the middle of the night armed only with a purple crayon and a limitless imagination.  Whatever he wishes to see or experience instantly comes to life, in purple, once Harold draws it – landmarks to make sure he won’t get lost, a boat to cross deep waters, a purple pie picnic to satisfy his pangs of hunger.  Harold and the Purple Crayon is an amazing story about the powers of imagination and the impact of the line, two things that come to mind when I think of the work of artist Nathan Carter.

Nathan Carter makes wall reliefs, sculptures, collages, and hanging objects all of which are inspired by the world around him.  Most of Carter’s work revolves around communication, and the complicated ways in which messages get from one place to anther (and the ways in which they might be lost along the way).  Just like Harold, Nathan is able to experience his environment and create pieces of art that are not only based on what meets the eye, but rather on the things a person might/could/dreams of seeing, with a bit of imagination of course.


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