Friends With You

FriendsWithYou is a design group based out of Miami, but they might as well have come from an alternate universe where all things are magical, bubbly, and very, very colorful.  A place inhabited by creatures of all shapes and sizes whose mission in life is to bring a smile to your face.  FriendsWithYou has been making that fantasy come to life since they formed in 2002, and their world of magic, luck, and friendship is slowly but surely infecting popular culture.

Created by Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, the two artists began their company sewing plush toys on the floor of their studio.  They wanted to create toys that really had real personality and character, creatures that could come alive.  Now that dream has expanded to the construction of actual habitats in galleries and other spaces around the world.  From a Rainbow City installation in Miami to commercials for Nike, and everything in between, FriendsWithYou is making their world and ours into a happier place!


You can buy FriendsWithYou products at KidRobot.


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