Confetti Systems

I would say that in general, people use tissue paper as the thing you rip through to get to the good stuff.  It is the gift wrapper, the bag stuffer, the filler, the material to be tossed aside in the pursuit of the real surprise.  I don’t think any of us ever really consider how beautiful tissue paper can be, that is until you see the work of Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, the team that created Confetti Systems.  Their goal is to transform simple materials like tissue paper, cardboard, and silk into beautiful objects that change a space, and one’s experience of it.

Perhaps you have seen some of their projects in the windows of J. Crew or Bergdorf Goodman, or the way in which they transformed spaces for American Ballet Theatre or the Lincoln Center. After seeing the work of Confetti Systems, I was inspired to do a tissue paper craft activity in the classroom which turned out beautifully.  Hopefully the pictures below will have the same effect on you!  Otherwise, you can just buy some of really great stuff on the Confetti Systems website.  Tissue paper and confetti just make for fun.


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