Retro Day continues with Pez!

While Pez is not necessarily the most delicious candy in the world, it certainly wins points for stellar presentation.  The candy itself was invented in 1927 in Vienna by a confectioner named Eduard Haas III.  Pez was created as a peppermint and considered an adult breath mint, similar to Altoids today. The Pez dispenser that is known and loved throughout the world did not come into existence until the candy’s introduction to the U.S. in 1955, when the company decided to try marketing Pez to children.  Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse were among the first character dispensers, and since 1950, over 1500 different Pez dispensers have been created.  Here are some of my favorites…

If you are in NYC and interested in checking out a great selection of Pez, head to Economy Candy at 108 Rivington Street.  They have a great selection of Pez, among other amazing sweets!


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