Papabubble is a quiet and easy-to-miss candy shop wedged between the tourist-laden Italian restaurants and hole-in-the-wall Chinese eateries dotting Broome Street. This is not your typical candy store; there are no name brand products, or cheesy displays, just incredibly beautiful (and of course tasty) candy, all of which is created on premises!

Papabubble is a totally unique creation that was born in Barcelona, Spain in 2004.  Since then, the store has acquired an international audience, with in Europe, Asia, and NYC. Part kitchen, part mad scientist’s lab, this is the only candy shop in the city where you can witness the candy making process right in front of your eyes!  Glass panels cordon off the steel tables of this “candy lab,” with the materials of its creation close at hand – flasks filled with mysterious neon liquids, brushes, Popsicle sticks, graters, ladles, and spatulas.  

But you don’t only have to watch.  There are lots of delicious treats to buy at Papabubble as well.  The wall is lined with shelves displaying the goods which include beautifully jarred candies, lollipops, candy rings, and miniature bite-sized candies in the most incredible colors and patterns. You can buy specific flavors (the most popular flavors being strawberry and passion fruit), or jars of various mixes, like the Medical Mix (with hospital-related designs like a red cross or an ambulance), or the I Love NY Mix (with each candy meticulously bearing the name of one of the five boroughs).

Come by to watch the candy making take place, and buy some treats afterwards.  Whether you get some for yourself, or a friend, this is sure to be the most beautiful candy you ever eat!


380 Broome Street, New York NY 10011 (between Mott and Mulberry streets; map)







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