As a child, I was never all that into dolls or action figures.  I was far more entertained by the act of creation – drawing, painting, sculpting, beading, stamping, and the list goes on and on.  But no matter what your, or your child’s interest may be, Zolo toys will satisfy the playful inclinations of any young mind.  They offer the best of both worlds – part play figure and part creation.

Zolo toys come in sets.  You get a big container of colorful, quirky, patterned pieces (25 – 60 depending on which set you buy), in either plastic, foam, or wood, and you are able to build an infinite number of things.   Dream up an alien, an undiscovered animal, a sculptural masterpiece, a hot dog flower, the possibilities are endless!  If you buy the “Zolo Blanko” set you are even able to color and design your own pieces. Best of all, it’s hard to get sick of your Zolo creations, because they never have to stay the same.  Sounds like fun to me.

Purchase Zolo toys direct from zolo.com, or from Educational Toys Planet. Prices start at about $19.



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